“Paris Boy”

May 3rd, 2007 // Leave a Comment


HAH! This is hot. That gay-looking thing from “Desperate Housewives” that escorts Paris around isn’t being taken seriously by anyone. Shouldn’t hanging with her be the death knell for any kind of serious acting career you hope to have?

Though many a D-lister has become “famous” for befriending Paris Hilton, the heiress’ new fling, “Desperate Housewives” actor Josh Henderson , isn’t one of them. “Everyone in Los Angeles is just calling him ‘Paris Boy,’ ” said a Page Six source. “No one really knows his name, but he walks around acting like he’s God’s gift.” Surely if the twosome are snapped after going on a few more dinner dates, he’ll become a household name.

Seriously, where’s the bennies in that? You can’t get drunk or high and forget to use something with her because she’s got herpes and that shit is like luggage – you gotta carry it around with you for the rest of your life. Let’s be honest and say she’s not that attractive despite her posing like she’s sexy all the time. And the conversation can’t be that deep. Also – she’s a full-on bigot. So it must be her piles of money and the fact that she can pass the line at most clubs? Josh Henderson is a shallow f*ck! Does anyone have her number?


By J. Harvey

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