Paris Attending To Hair Issues Prior To Turning Over New Leaf

June 26th, 2007 // 10 Comments

After being released from prison, Paris got herself some extensions. I know it would take awhile to establish a halfway house but this douche did say she was going to be all nun-like and stuff. Nuns don’t worry about their weaves! Unless they’re sexy nuns.

Hilton, 26, who was released at 12:01 a.m. from Los Angeles’ Century Regional Detention Facility, had a 9:30 at-home appointment this morning with DreamCatchers Hair Extensions, according to The Insider.

And just what was Hilton getting? “Full length, 20 inches of extensions….blonde, of course,” the DreamCatchers rep told The Insider. When the show asked if Hilton would be taking her new locks out on the town tonight, the rep replied, “wouldn’t you?”

The hair-fix house-call contradicts what Hilton told Barbara Walters at the start of her sentence. “I’m not that superficial girl,” she said. “I haven’t looked in a mirror since I got here. My purpose in life is to be where I am.”

You mean she lied? Why – whatever do you mean? Paris Hilton lie? Everything I’ve ever known is wrong! My foundation is life has crumbled! I’m just a child – lost in a forest of disillusion!


By J. Harvey

  1. CU Next Tuesday

    It pains me to say this…..
    She actually is kind of pretty without 50 pounds of make up.

    ok. i’m going to go jump in a vat of acid now.

  2. Chelsea

    Ha! Looks like I’ll be jumping in right after you C U Next Tuesday! I thought the same thing!

  3. Bill Cosby

    I heard that the extensions are for her pubic zirconias.

    Her herpes haven is gonna look like a roast beef sandwich that the vet dropped on the floor.

  4. Makaleka

    I have to agree with CU next Tuesday, despite the fact that I despise Paris Hilton and the whole Hilton family, she actually looks pretty without makeup. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she did actually change and turned into a philanthropist after her experience? Oh yeah, I forgot pigs don’t fly…

  5. silvarga

    Agreed all around.

    She looks so much better that way. With no make-up her hair tied back she barely elicits the usual near-wretch experience.

    She looks more like she’s the heir to the IKEA fortune visiting the US for the summer. If she’d passed on the extensions, gotten a swept bob and wore outfits like the one she wore when getting out of jail (Hello! PANTS!) she’d at least LOOK like she could be taken seriously.

    But no, I guess it’s back to the “Enchanted Princess Bambi in Heat” look…

  6. Tonysgirl

    Okay Lay off Paris Hilton, she did her time for her crime, Everyone pretty much has STONED her to death with this, so move on.

    And if you were just let out of jail you be returning back to your normal life comforts whatever that could be.

    You ALL got what you WANTED and your ALL STILL NOT happy.

  7. Tina

    Why does the media want to make a fuss over her getting her hair done? She probably had a shower, an expensive meal, and her eyebrows waxed, too. I dont think that should necessarily mean she’s back to her old superficial self. I would have gotten my hair done or anything else, after going a month without shaving or shampooing.

  8. Pansy Aston

    Did you notice the truck? It said “Hair Extentions”~~~now what does that tell you?
    Paris actually looks cute and chic with her own short hair. If she wants it long, why not grow her own?
    And yes, this was NOT the way to start her new serious, smart life!!!! As someone who IS serious and smart, I cannot belive I am following this,
    much less unable to say “I wouldn’t be caught dead watching Larry King interview this spoiled
    princess slut!!!”

  9. Mr. T

    I understand one of the tabloids is going to avoid putting Paris in AT ALL. Kudo’s to them. Paris is an ass. Her parents are hideous people. They should just go away or better yet, people avoid feeding into their media frenzy.

  10. my name is bob

    She isn’t going to change! She will still be the two bit slut we know her to be! They should have left her in jail, let her deteriorate mentally and physically

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