Paris And Nicky Hilton Go To Japan

Do these girls ever not pose? Maybe they are posing to hide their pain. What pain would that be? We’ll there is a rumor that Paris suffers from an eating disorder, which she has been able to hide from the public.

The source says: “We think she’s had a longstanding battle with the disease and she’s been able to keep it pretty well hidden for years.

But she’s stepped it up recently. All the typical symptoms are there – dramatically fluctuating weight, frequent trips to the toilet after meals and a love/hate relationship with food.”

The same source claims that she looks just like Marry-Kate Olsen when she broke up from her boyfriend, Paris’s current lover, Greek shipping billionaire Stavros Niarchos.

It’s probably just a “minor” eating disorder, just like Ashlee Simpson’s.

Paris Hilton Suffers From Bulimia [SpotlightingNews]