Paris And Nicky Hilton Go To Japan

December 12th, 2005 // 4 Comments

Do these girls ever not pose? Maybe they are posing to hide their pain. What pain would that be? We’ll there is a rumor that Paris suffers from an eating disorder, which she has been able to hide from the public.

The source says: “We think she’s had a longstanding battle with the disease and she’s been able to keep it pretty well hidden for years.

But she’s stepped it up recently. All the typical symptoms are there – dramatically fluctuating weight, frequent trips to the toilet after meals and a love/hate relationship with food.”

The same source claims that she looks just like Marry-Kate Olsen when she broke up from her boyfriend, Paris’s current lover, Greek shipping billionaire Stavros Niarchos.

It’s probably just a “minor” eating disorder, just like Ashlee Simpson’s.

Paris Hilton Suffers From Bulimia [SpotlightingNews]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. netty

    okay so PAris throws up all the time, but maybe not her siter….she’s looking chunky these days!

  2. netty

    okay so Paris throws up all the time, but maybe not her sister….she’s looking chunky these days!

  3. King Smart Ian

    Please sweet Jesus let this be another Karen Carpenter

  4. JaneSays

    Just because she swallows doesn’t mean the contents of her filthy stomach stay there, a la her recent colonic trip. It takes a very specialized machine to undo all that damage!

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