Paris And Nicky Get Clever

September 6th, 2005 // 12 Comments

About three months too late.

(Image via Oh No They Didn’t!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Antigone

    It’s a good thing Paris jumped on the Brangelina bandwagon; she hasn’t had nearly enough publicity this year and will not be upstaged by some deadly hurricane.

  2. Jacquelina

    Why don’t these useless bitches drop dead alreadY?

  3. LARS

    i hope one day these dumb cunts realize what a bunch of dumb cunts they are.

  4. Antigone

    It’s appalling that these ‘socialites’ have not absorbed the altruistic spirit of their predecessors, such as Margaret Mead.If Paris loves Angie (who can blame her, don’t we all!), then she could tear a page out of her own checkbook and cough up some of her porno dough.What kind of bet did Nicky lose prior to this vulgar display of ignorance?

  5. zazz

    Wow, I thought Margaret Mead was an anthropologist, not a socialite. I must have been living under a rock in Samoa or something!

  6. Daisy

    These dumb cunts will never realize what dumb cunts they are, because they are too dumb to realize anything!

  7. Jane

    LOL, Zazz! The same thought went through my mind!

  8. JC

    How tasteless can you get? This is just as bad as those ‘I’ll have your baby, Brad’ shirts! At least these do not have any misspellings like that other one she wore.

  9. Cynthia

    Oh the Hilton sluts. Are their fifteen minutes not over yet?

  10. youknowwho

    These little whores are on their 14 1/2 minute and are desperate to stay in public eye. Even if it means sticking their nose in someone else’s drama when they can’t stir up their own. Surely there must be another tape that was “stolen” circulating soon enough… or a quicky marriage… I can hardly stand the smug look on Paris’ face in all these pictures. She is such a media slut. Who the hell would make these shirts anyways?

  11. Kimmekap

    I have never seen 2 more stupid bitches spend so much money to keep their 15 minutes of fame going. The Hilton hotels have to be mortgage out the ass by now just keep their name in the papers.

  12. John M.


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