Paris and Lindsay’s Toy

Harry Morton seems to be a play thing for Lindsay and Paris. Lohan’s man was spotted joining Paris’ entourage and flirting with his girlfriend’s well known nemesis. The two partied together at celebrity hot spot Hyde while Lindsay attending New York Fashion Week after parties.

Paris took full advantage of Lindsay’s absence. She sparked conversations with him and danced seductively (as an seductively as an Amazon could) for him. An onlooker is quoted as describing Paris’ move on Harry.

“When Paris’ song ‘Stars Are Blind’ played, she looked into Harry’s eyes and mouthed the lyrics, ‘Baby I’m perfect for you!'”

While they didn’t make the mistake of actually walking out together they did leave within minutes of each other. Paris exited and Harry followed soon after.

You know what they say…while the skank’s away the man-sluts will play.

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Written by Cara Harrington

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