Paris Hilton Takes a Break from Her Non-Existent Humanitarian Efforts to Party in Vegas

Remember when Paris Hilton vowed to be a more chaste and upstanding citizen? Yeah, well, she barely does either. Now, she’s rocking a Posh Spice haircut and was recently spotted at Pure in Las Vegas, in celebration of Wilmer Valderrama’s new clothing line. Dressed like a fembot and attempting to show off as much of her little ta-ta’s as humanly possible, Paris was a far cry from the saintly image she tried to maintain for a hot minute after getting out of the slammer. A witness at the event had this to say about the heiress:

“Paris was really working the camera.

“She reminded me of JENNA JAMESON the porn star.”

Is it because she was involved in gang bang on the red-carpet? Because that really wouldn’t surprise me in the least.