Paris Hilton’s New Man Cy Waits Could End Up In Jail

Cy Waits could face up to four years in prison after a criminal complaint was filed against him yesterday. The former head of nightclub operations for Wynn and Encore properties, AKA Paris Hilton’s boyfriend (already not a good start) is being charged on three counts, one of which is a felony, after his infamous Aug. 26 arrest in Las Vegas that lost him his job.

Cocaine was found in Hilton’s purse and police smelled marajuana. Waits was then arrested but then released, so now a summons will be issued for him to appear at court in Vegas on Feb. 17. Waits faces charges for being under the influence of a controlled substance (carrying a maximum sentence of 1 to 4 years), a DUI and possession.

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Then again, Cy hasn’t seem too worried lately, between vacation hopping and shopping with Paris on Jan. 12. He’ll probably just lie his way out of jail too!