Paris Hilton’s “Drunk Text” Makes Me Sad [VIDEO]

Too Bad, Paris
Hilton looks glum while shopping at Kitson.
Paris Hilton In Italy
The socialite at Petra Ecclestone's wedding.
Paris Hilton should have taken the hint when her Oxygen series, The World According to Paris was canned after just one season.  People. Don’t.  Like.  You.

Today we had to sit through Hilton’s latest single (complete with a music video), “Drunk Text,” which sounds like it was written by some almighty college student high off a few weekends of solid hook-ups.  

Hilton is 31 and speaks of taking shots, being on the dance floor when she gets a text from Adam and, in her childish baby voice, says: “I’m too lazy to type so I send a photo I took up a dancer’s skirt. and tell him to come and get it, not realizing what I had just said.”

“No one is safe in the Twittersphere anymore.”  So true.  Every 31-year-old I know is sick of sacrificing her dignity and virtue in return for VIP bottle service.

It’s another example of Hilton being a delusional ass clown who thinks that people are still interested in her.


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