Paris Hilton Wants To Start Having Babies Now That She’s Hit 30

Paris Hilton’s next big plan as she expands her self-proclaimed empire is starting a big brood!

The newly 30 socialite told David Letterman last night she wants to “just continue doing my business and growing my empire and have kids.” How many? About three or four! Wonder what boyfriend Cy Waits thinks about that…no comment to Dave though on whether or not they’re having sex. Guess we’ll have to wait here in suspense. Please. But she did insist that she is not pregnant…yet!

PHOTOS: Paris Hilton And Cy Waits Show Some PDA

But in typical form, Letterman tried to push the couple’s buttons, literally. Hilton was there to promote her new iPhone app, which allows users to pose in a picture with Hilton. Watch the video after the jump!

“I wonder what the boyfriend thinks of this shot,” Letterman said of a picture in which Paris appears to be posing suggestively close to him. Cy did not look happy!

And I can only imagine what less tasteful people will think of doing with that app. Yikes.