Paris Hilton Tells ‘V’ Magazine All About Her Two Voices [PHOTOS]

Paris Hilton slapped on a pair of bangs and talked to V Magazine about her two distinct voices in The World According To Paris.  Not only does the hotel heiress get to show viewers a different side of Paris, she also gets to go all vocally Sybil on us: “I get to use my real voice.”

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Hilton says she’s been working on her brand since the age of 15, when she was invited to parties in New York. And instead of finishing high school and going off to college, Hilton decided to turn being a socialite into a lucrative career.  Though she counts Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe as her fashion icons, Hilton insists that she’s an original.  “I’m very fun, and I’m very daring. I don’t copy anybody. I’m like my own Barbie doll!”

I can’t stand the bitch, but the bangs look great.