Paris Hilton Talks Sex Tape (Really?!) And Reality Show

Paris and Kathy Hilton recently appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight to promote the Hilton heiress’ new reality show One Night In Paris The World According to Paris.  Instead of discussing the show, however, Paris jumped on her soapbox to explain how her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Soloman ‘changed [her] life forever.’ 

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Really?! We’re still on that??? We all know that it must’ve been super embarrassing to have her sex life recorded and viewed by a ton of people, but I highly doubt it changed her life forever.  I mean, she’s still rich and has a new reality show for goodness sake! And it isn’t like it ruined her reputation in the dating circle.  Paris still attracts guys like Doug ReinhardtBenji Madden, and her recent beau Cy Waits.  I don’t see the problem here.  All of these guys are winners! 

Above, Paris Hilton is seen at the NBC Experience Store to promote The World According to Paris in New York City.  Right.  Her life has completely changed.

Watch the video of Paris discuss her disasterous sex tape after the jump.