Paris Hilton Serves The Community… In Louboutins

Party-girl extraordinaire, Paris Hilton, served her community on Friday by covering up graffiti on Hollywood Boulevard. Of course Paris wasn’t doing this by choice—her community service was a punishment for being the notorious coke-head that she is. We all remember her Vegas coke bust back in August, and although Paris skipped out on jail time, she was still sentenced to 200 hours of community service, as well as being forced to pay a $2,000 fine. But $2,000 is pretty much pocket change to the heiress, who bought a $250K pink Bentley back in 2008.

As you can see, Paris jazzed up her “Hollywood Los Angeles Beautification Team” tee-shirt with some Louboutins, designer sunglasses, and hoop earrings. Only Ms. Hilton would be okay with getting paint on a pair of Louboutins. Although Paris doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about the community service she was forced to endure, the volunteer group was reportedly impressed with how down-to-earth Paris was throughout the day.