Paris Hilton Freaking Out About Turning 30

Well, Kim Kardashian just did it. And now Paris Hilton is about to do it. No, not more sex tapes. Been there, done that for both of them. The hotel heiress is turning 30 on February 17!

“I can’t believe I’m going to be 30,” the hard-partying heiress said. “It’s very strange. I feel like I’m an adult now. Thirty is the new 20, they’re saying – so at least I look like I’m 20.” Well, that’s something to hold onto I guess. She was spotted having dinner with her mother last night in Hollywood and did look very ladylike I must say.


Like just about every other element of her life, Hilton’s big birthday will be captured on camera for her new reality series The World According to Paris, with eight hour-long episodes airing on Oxygen this spring.

And she’s claiming this show is ‘really’ her…not a character…

“It’s going to be filmed on the show,” she says, “and it’s a big birthday so I’m going to be going to a lot of places for it. LA, New York, Vegas, and I’m not sure where else. But I’m going to definitely do a couple birthday parties.”

“No one really saw my real life before. On The Simple Life it was a character I was playing and it was very scripted and formatted and it was me living as a fish out of water. And this time it’s me in my real life, my real world. Everything that happens: all the drama, all the craziness and the good, the bad – everything.”

“At this point, I really have let the cameras in to see my life. And, yeah, of course there’s going to be things that I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. I can’t believe they filmed that.’ But it’s also going to be really great television. So it’s worth it.”

Wow…at least turning 30 has really humbled her, brought her down to Earth, really made her at peace. Or is that the Xanax?