Paris Hilton Defends Herself Against Sarah Shahi’s Twitter Claims

Paris Hilton talked to Extra’s Mario Lopez yesterday about Sarah Shahi’s Twitter attack last Friday, April 22nd.  The enraged Fairly Legal actress got verbally violent with Hilton, calling her the “worst driver ever,” and claiming that the heiress almost hit her, then ran a stop sign.

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Not so, says Hilton.  She had arrived back from Las Vegas that day with boyfriend Cy Waits, and told Lopez that she was at her house when the stop sign incident occured.

“I was so shocked when I read that, too. First of all, I wasn’t even driving that day. I just came back from Vegas with my boyfriend — and we were home relaxing. I hadn’t even been in the car that day. I literally came with a driver from the airport went to my house. Then later on I read that, I’m like ‘Dude, I wasn’t even driving,’ so I don’t know. Maybe it was some other blonde girl who looked like me.”

Hilton explained to Lopez that there are a lot of Paris Hilton impersonators out there, and that she’s always getting blamed for their accidents.

Do you believe Hilton?  Or do you think she was actually out on the road and doesn’t want to bother confession to being a sh*tty driver?  I’m gonna go with “I don’t believe Hilton,” because I live in LA and I know what Shahi is talking about.

Check out a video of Hilton on last night’s Extra after the jump.