Paris Hilton Cuddles At The Beach With New Boyfriend, Helps ‘Save’ Boys Life [PHOTOS]

Paris Hilton
The socialite channeled Marilyn Monroe.
Paris Hilton and new boyfriend Frederick were spotted on the Island Cavallo off the Italian coast yesterday (August 6, 2012). The twosome were seen cuddling and embracing each other at the the romantic secluded location. The couple were matching in their black swimsuits as the socialite slipped on a one-piece swimsuit with a sparkled design on the front.

So what has this Hilton been doing lately? saving lives! not by the pool, but from a recent encounter with a young man named Mike Oliveri, a muscular dystrophy patient whom Paris met at a nightclub. The two established a friendly connection and maintained contact. Paris was moved by Oliveri’s anecdote about his condition and how he is struggling to make ends meet and the added pressure medical bills. So moved, in fact, that Hilton gifted him $5,000 to relieve the financial woes from the young guy.

The recipient posted a viral youtube video expressing his sincere gratitude for Paris. He calls her a ‘truly kindhearted sweetheart’ and a ‘dear friend’.

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