Paris Hilton And Other Celebs Who Use Pets As Accessories [PHOTOS]

Since today is National Pet Day, we wanted to point out to certain people that pets were put on this green earth for many a beneficial reason.  They keep us active, they keep us young and they keep us happy.  

They do not, however, serve as accessories when posing for photographs, nor should their hair be dyed hot pink.  Many of us (fine, just me) take offense to the silly outfits you put them in.  If the weather isn’t chilly, then there’s no need for a sweater.  They’re dogs.  They’ll either chew it up or pee on it eventually.

So, a note to Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Courtney Stodden: Stop using your pets for publicity purposes.  Let them run around your backyard instead of carrying them in a Vuitton bag.  You both look ridiculous.