Paris And Prince Couldn’t Make The Fans BEAT IT [PHOTOS]

The Jackson Kids
Michael Jackson's kids attend tribute show in Vegas.
Watch out Manson family! The Jackson Family is in Gary, Ind., Michael’s hometown for the celebration of the late, King of Pop’s, would be 54th birthday. Fans from across the globe sang and danced to the nostalgic Michael Jackson music, as Paris and Prince were nearly stampeded by the enormous crowd outside of the Jackson residence.

In festivity of Michael’s birthday, the entire Jackson family was welcomed to their hometown by the mayor, Karen Freeman-Wilson. The giddy followers praised Michael’s prodigal kids, in hopes of scoring an autograph or glimpse of the teenage celebutantes. In Michael’s birthplace of Gary, Indiana—family and loyal supporters anxiously awaited the arrival of 14-year-old Paris and 15-year-old Prince.

Unfortunately, they didn’t bring their blanket to hide under this time to shield them from the crazed fans.