‘Parenthood’ Premiere Party

Those are three words I would have never imagined in the same title.

The new show with the mother you’ve seen before Lauren Graham doesn’t debut until after the Olympics on NBC but that seems like no reason to wait on a premiere party. The cast celebrated last night at DGA in West Hollywood.Graham, who looks stunning in winter white here, talked about  Parenthood versus her past hit show Gilmore Girls and it sounds like less work and more disappointment…in a good way. 

“You’re working with a smaller amount of material and therefore everything is really important,” Graham said in an interview. It also means some shorter hours. “I don’t see dawn as much as I did on the other show which has been really enjoyable,” she explained. (that dawn must be a bitch)

Her new character Sarah Braverman is not Lorelai Glimore.  “What I’ve discovered and what I’ve really enjoyed is: as opposed to maybe Lorelai Gilmore who had a very sunny outlook on things, it’s been really interesting for me to play someone who is kind of shouldering a lot of baggage in terms of being disappointed about where she is in life.” Yes…I can see how you would enjoy that…?