Pardon Me, Is That A Wood In Your Corduroy?

October 26th, 2009 // 1 Comment

I recently learned a thing or two about Elijah Wood.

In the current issue of Corduroy, Wood reveals that he fancies himself a “music-buff.”  Between drags from his cigarette and bites of his panini, Wood barely grazes the topic of his movie uber stardom if only as a distraction from his other passion, his music label, Simian Records.  Apparently the label, which he started a few years ago, “now has a handful of artists under its wing, most notably ebullient indie rockers Apples and Stereos, and electro-punk outfit Heloise and the Savoir Faire.”  Ahhh, the hobbies of The Hobbit.

Wood has a longtime girlfriend.  In discussing the top tunes on his current playlist, the actor gives a shout-out to, “indie-band-of-the-moment Gogol Bordello,” for whom apparently, his lady Pamela Racine is the drummer (see photo gallery).  Well played, Elijah. 

Between the interview and the cover shot I have to say I was a bit shocked.  I mean, when did our young Frodo grow up?  Last time I looked he was sporting a shag and frolicking on the shires of New Zealand.  Now all I see is a bearded boy/man with a fag betwixt his lips, a Cesarean fringe, a moody stare, and an elegant, steady girlfriend!

“The elfin qualities that endeared him to millions of teenage girls… have now been replaced with a weary disposition and cautious smile that never quite moves past a grin.”  Looks like this Wood’s no longer little.

Gallery Info:  Pamela Racine and Elijah Wood Mercedes-Benz IMG New York Fashion Week  Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2010

By Michelle Berger

  1. A Fan

    To set the record straight,

    –doesn’t the whole world know that Elijah’s been a passionate music buff for most of his life? Maybe not.

    –It’s Apples IN Stereo, not AND.

    –Pamela is not the official drummer as in “sits behind a drum kit and bangs it”. She rather hits on a big bass drum hanging from her neck in only a few of the band’s songs. More typically she’s described as a dancer in the band.

    –Gogol Bordello is far more than the indie band of the moment.

    –’Weary disposition’ is one not typically used to describe him. He must have been having an off day when interviewed.

    –Yup, he grew and matured. I would certainly hope so.

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