Pardon Me, Is That A Wood In Your Corduroy?

I recently learned a thing or two about Elijah Wood.

In the current issue of Corduroy, Wood reveals that he fancies himself a “music-buff.”  Between drags from his cigarette and bites of his panini, Wood barely grazes the topic of his movie uber stardom if only as a distraction from his other passion, his music label, Simian Records.  Apparently the label, which he started a few years ago, “now has a handful of artists under its wing, most notably ebullient indie rockers Apples and Stereos, and electro-punk outfit Heloise and the Savoir Faire.”  Ahhh, the hobbies of The Hobbit.

Wood has a longtime girlfriend.  In discussing the top tunes on his current playlist, the actor gives a shout-out to, “indie-band-of-the-moment Gogol Bordello,” for whom apparently, his lady Pamela Racine is the drummer (see photo gallery).  Well played, Elijah. 

Between the interview and the cover shot I have to say I was a bit shocked.  I mean, when did our young Frodo grow up?  Last time I looked he was sporting a shag and frolicking on the shires of New Zealand.  Now all I see is a bearded boy/man with a fag betwixt his lips, a Cesarean fringe, a moody stare, and an elegant, steady girlfriend!

“The elfin qualities that endeared him to millions of teenage girls… have now been replaced with a weary disposition and cautious smile that never quite moves past a grin.”  Looks like this Wood’s no longer little.

Gallery Info:  Pamela Racine and Elijah Wood Mercedes-Benz IMG New York Fashion Week  Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2010

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