‘Paranormal Activity 3′ Screams Pre-Halloween Box Office Number One

So maybe you weren’t one of the lucky few (and brave) who won a chance to see a pre-screening of Paranormal Activity 3 in their hometown when Paramount launched the “Tweet to see it first” campaign earlier this month. Fear not, with Halloween just around the corner, Paranormal will officially be out in theaters this weekend! And to go with the Halloween theme, we’re pretty sure it’s going to scream its way to the top of the box office, too!

The Paranormal teaser that released this past summer was enough to stir audience interest and get film critics to estimate a near $41 million over 3,321 theaters over the 3-day “weekend.” To think, Paranormal Activity 1 only took $15,000 to make in 2009 and grossed $107.9 million. Paranormal 2 easily grossed a $84.8 million in 2010. The third October in the annual series is expected to be successful, especially without its normal Saw competition this spooky season.

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And although based on the fight – rather than the bite – The Three Musketeers doesn’t have a fighting chance to achieve higher than a distance second in this box office battle. Regardless of pretty faces Orlando Bloom and super fresh Milla Jovovich, perhaps audiences are more partial to Jovovich’s nip slip than full skirt and corset.