Paramore Breakup Gets Catty

December 22nd, 2010 // 3 Comments

The Paramore breakup is getting as ugly as a vampire-werewolf match! After front woman Hayley Williams put out her own press release about the breakup, bandmate brothers Josh and Zach Farro unleashed their own bitter missive about what really went down in the rock band of Twilight fame.

“I wish it didn’t have to happen that way,” Josh wrote. “Zac and I wanted to be the ones you heard it from. I want to be honest with you guys about how this band formulated from day one. I did not think Hayley’s version told the whole story, at least from our perspective and hopefully this will explain a bit about why we are leaving.”

The brothers claim the band was always a sham vehicle for the fiery-haired front woman, who was always keeping the other bandmates in the dark and secretly plotting a solo career. In the letter, the brothers describe her as “a manufactured product of a major label.”

There’s all kinds of juicy stuff in there: secret meetings the boys were kept from, Hayley getting signed solo to Atlantic then begging the band to take her back when it fizzled, and a bad breakup between Hayley and Josh! Damn, this is almost as angsty as the last Twilight movie!

By Lola Robertson

  1. Trevor Atkins #1 fan

    This is a lie!!!!!!!!!! Paramore is not breaking ip they just lost 2 members that went happy in the band anymore! She isn’t launching a solo career. They are writing a new album!! She was signed sepreatly because that is all that the label wanted. Later. The label decided to sign the other band mates instead. You writers are so ignorant!

  2. James

    Of Twilight fame?! One song, they were famous before those god awful films.

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