Paper Magazine’s ABSOLUT ‘Beautiful People’ Party

Paper Magazine raised an ABSOLUT cocktail to ‘Beautiful People’ Wed. night at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. Hosted by the issue’s cover boy Aziz Ansari, the event celebrates those who thrive on artistic passion and is now in its 14th year.

An experience that began when asked to “follow the red light” down twisted cement stairs, the Paper Magazine/ABSOLUT event brought together some of the city’s edgiest Manhattanites and the best cocktails a SOCIALITE could ask for.

A personal fave, the ABSOLUTE White & Wild Boys was perfectly flavored with the launch of ABSOLUT Wild Tea — oh, and Duran Duran who played an up close and personal set of songs from their new album, “All You Need Is Now” to dedicated and new fans!

In the city that never sleeps, Paper Magazine easily found ABSOLUT success and some very ‘Beautiful People,’ a tradition that will continue on for years to come!