Paparazzi Agency Concerned About James Franco’s Health

May 3rd, 2010 // 2 Comments

James Franco made an appearance at the premiere of his documentary Saturday Night at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday (May 2) and one of the paparazzi agencies said he looked “sweaty, unfocused and could hardly keep his eyes open.” That’s pretty much how I look Sunday morning after Saturday night. It’s called a hangover.

But the agency points to some marks on his middle arm right below his rolled up sleeve that are questionable. I’m no expert, but it looks milder than to what you might see in Requiem for a Dream. In which case if you are considering starting an addiction, James, please watch that movie and don’t shut your eyes at the end. Shudder.

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By Madison Ventura

  1. LilLucy

    I hate to ruin all the fun but everyone in NYC was sweaty on Sunday night. It was rather hot and humid. Also, those are not track marks. They are bruises from who knows what but not track marks. Track marks do not run horizontal and wide like that. Just sayin’…

  2. Carrie

    Franco has been in Utah the last 2 months filming 127hrs with Danny Boyle. The movie is about the hiker, Aron Ralston, who got trapped under a rock for 5 days until he sawed his own arm off. Those bruises on Franco’s arms are right where Ralston fashioned a tourniquet before sawing his arm off. (I heard this was the scene they were filming last week). Clear explanation of these bruises that a pap could have found out with a simple google search. Much better to smear someone though.

    Also, I was at this SNL talk yesterday. Franco was completely engaged during the Q&A and acted the same way in terms of behavior as when I saw him last fall for the New Yorker Festival. Not to mention, it was 85 degrees here yesterday – everyone was a bit sweaty! This story is ridiculous!

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