Paparazzi Driving Lindsay Lohan Crazy

Lindsay Lohan almost got her freedom back in the form of car keys but at the last minute Betty Ford said that putting Lindsay behind the wheel is too much of a safety risk due to the paparazzi detail she usually gets.

As a result Lindsay e-mailed her lawyer asking to get a restraining order places on all the paparazzi. I have no idea if or how that would work, but apparently she means business. Until a decision is made, her driving privileges are still revoked.

But no matter, it seems she’s got plenty of pals to come visit, including Samantha Ronson

“This thanksgiving I am thankful that I’m spending today with someone else’s family. Everyone else’s dysfunctions always seem so much ‘cuter,'” the DJ tweeted on Turkey Day.

Though it’s unclear exactly whose family she was referencing, most would assume she means Lindsay, who she saw while on release for Thanksgiving.

And it seems that she’s finally getting some positive energy around her in rehab, by working out every day and wanting to turn her life around for good!