Papa Knowles, Troublemaker Extraordinaire

Rumors that Beyoncé Knowles’ dissatisfaction with her role in “Dreamgirls,” was the cause of a rift between her and co-star, Jennifer Hudson seem to be unfounded. As it turns out, Matthew Knowles, (Beyoncé’s father and manager) is just miffed that Hudson turned down his appeal that she allow him to manage her, according to E! News Online:

In other words, it doesn’t look like Beyoncé has a problem with Hudson getting so much of the Dreamgirls attention. It looks like it’s Daddy’s bruised ego that’s causing the ruckus.

I’m told that Daddy was so insulted by her refusal to sign with him that he demanded the movie be re-edited to lessen Hudson’s screen time and boost Beyoncé’s. He argued that his daughter was being shortchanged but was rebuffed by the studio and the filmmakers. In one meeting with director Bill Condon, I’m told, Beyoncé’s mom, Tina, went into a “tirade” about how he ruined the movie for her daughter. “It was supposed to be her Oscar role,” Tina hissed, according to a source.

I’m often forced to wonder what these two would have done had they not been lucky enough to spawn a pop star. It’s almost enough to make someone want to back-date an infertility curse on their asses. And then I realize that “Crazy in Love” would not exist. So, I must content myself with poking fun via blog.

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