Pamela Bach Arrested For DUI

With David Hasselhoff in the hospital after experiencing a possible alcohol related seizure over the weekend, all the Hasselhoff children needed was another parent fuck up.

Well, that’s just what they got. Hasselhoff’s ex-wife and the mother of his children, Pamela Bach, was arrested at 8:03 p.m. Saturday in the west San Fernando Valley and was later booked at the Van Nuys police department. She was released early Sunday morning after posting $15,000 bail, according to the records.

The arrest came a day after Hasselhoff was hospitalized after he was found passed out at his home. Bach told TMZ she was trying to comfort the couple’s daughters earlier in the evening and then went out for dinner where she had a few drinks.

“I am remorseful and mortified. I am going through a really difficult time between David being in the hospital and dealing with the divorce,” she told TMZ Sunday, adding that she is en route to an AA meeting and that her ex-husband is being released from a 72-hour hold.

Sweetie, you and your ex need to get your acts together. You’re both just plain sad at this point.