Pamela Anderson: Such A Pretty Mess [Obvious Observations]

April 7th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Actress Pamela Anderson staggers out of Guys and Dolls after a night of partying in West Hollywood, California on April 6, 2010 with assistance from a security man or her bodyguard. Pam must have needed to wind down after all the hard work she has put in for Dancing with the Stars but might have out done herself tonight. Pam also had multiple stains on her top possible just from spilling her drinks while dancing and having a great time.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. stacey

    O.k so this woman has the nerve to say she is ashamed of the canadian seal hunt, nevermind that if it were to cease our fish population would be decimated and there would be thousands and thousands of starving seals waddling around the icefeilds of our great canadian north. Uninformed ignorant and an all around hot trashy mess, Pam do us all a favor and shut your well traveled mouth and get educated. As a proud canadian (and also a vegetarian I might add) I don’t support the killing of animals but I’m practical (in that it would screw with our ecosystem if it was stopped). I am much more embarrassed that you USED to be Canadian that I am of a practice that has been going on for hundreds of years, that controls a population and FEEDS people. Maybe you should give Heather Mills a call she made an ass out of herself and Paul Mccartney when they joined the crusade against the seal hunt comletley uninformed. Stupid birds of a feather……

  2. Pamela is quite sexy wearing a pretty dress that is stained while she is drunk.

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