Pamela Anderson: Runway Girl on the Loose

February 19th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Still in denial of her age, gravity, and everything that goes with it, Pamela Anderson squeezed herself into her favorite new outfit and confidently strutted the runway at Richie Rich‘s Runway show this week. 

It’s not that Pam looks bad (for her age), it’s just that she’s not 22 or on the set of Baywatch anymore.  All those years of partial nudity demands from Tommy Lee must have permanently altered Pammy’s idea of normalcy.  Though, her latest boyfriend is helping. 

Pam met Jamie Padgett, who is being called an “electrician and surfer,” in a trailer park – where she was staying during her home’s renovation.  Because clearly, Pam can’t afford to shack up in a hotel?  Right.  No, I think this was just an excuse for the 42-year-old to finally live out her not-so-secret trailer trash fantasy. 

What kind of profession is that anyway – an “electrician and surfer”?  Does that mean Jamie gets paid to surf?  Or does he just surf for fun, but being an electrician is so blue-collar and boring that people think surfdom will redeem him to Pam’s level of abundant classiness

This is all Matthew McConaughey‘s fault.  He started the whole “celebrities living in trailer parks” trend.  Don’t let her 42 years fool you.  Pam is way too impressionable.  Nobody give her any ideas.

Gallery Info: Pamela Anderson Working the Runway at Richie Rich the Richie Rich.

By Laura Bulchis

  1. dookie

    Nastiest skank on earth. Bitch has lost her mind.

  2. sky

    Poor girl. I think she has a disorder, like anorexics do, where she thinks she looks good like this. Fun time is over, honey. Put some clothes on.

  3. lucy

    wow – i bet those boys are really proud of their mum.
    she looks a mess. she’s made that classic mistake of never updating her look.
    Her breasts look ridiculous and she has never had great legs. She needs to take some dignity lessons sharpish.

  4. me

    42? I thought she was pushin’ 50! Her poor boys, they must be horrified by her. And their father, too, come to think of it!

  5. me

    42? I thought she was pushin’ 50! Her poor boys, they must be horrified by her. And their father, too, come to think of it!

  6. Sarah


  7. Pennicillin

    I need a course of antibiotics just from looking at this diseased, nasty skank. To say she was rode hard put away wet would be an understatement! Pam, take your disgusting self back to Canada…we have enough diseased whores in America.

  8. anonymous

    She doesn’t look healthy.

  9. Cuyquepv

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