Pamela Anderson Regrets Nudity

The past has finally caught up with Pamela Anderson. Unfortunately, it’s through her two sons, Brandon and Dylan, with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

“My children are made fun of because I have posed naked,” confessed Anderson while attending a Playboy party
during a two day tour in Bucharest
. “When you pose, you are not thinking that one day you will have children who will see it.”

Really, Pam? Aside from mortifying my father, that’s one of the first things I think of. But hey, I’ve never owed the government half a mil and needed the cash.

Regardless of regret, Anderson has used her sexual fame to raise awareness for animals, land one night stands with Aladdin and somehow wrangle up seats to Vivienne Westwood’s catwalk show on September 19, 2010, in London,
England, as seen in the gallery sitting outside the Great Connaught rooms in Covent Garden.

Please note the following before viewing the full gallery: Anderson is aging, whether it be gracefully or not the jury is still out. I believe she still thinks she’s in her 20’s wearing an outrageous dress like that.

Meanwhile, does anyone else find it ironic that she’s speaking about naked regret while touring through Europe on a Playboy Mansion promotion?