Pamela Anderson Is Through With Acting!

August 3rd, 2007 // 9 Comments

But she was so close to having a golden statuette nestled between her bodacious ta-tas! Pam is currently doing some magic mess in Vegas. She’s loving it and has announced on her blog that she’s through with forgetting lines and staring blankly at that mean, unfeeling old camera!

I love theatre. My entrance broke on stage tonight. Crazy. But those are the moments. I’m having best time. I want to be in Vegas forever. So glamorous. I’m rehearsing another illusion tonight. I’m definitively staying till December. Then who knows. No more TV or film. This is what I love doing. It’s so over the top.

I hope that magic dude doesn’t try sawing her in half because that’s a lot of silicon spraying over the audience. What if it’s toxic? I’ll sue his ass!


More photos of Pamela Anderson filming ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period’ at Hooters Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. peachpie

    do her girls look a lil’ bit off kilter?

  2. sad... she was a beauty once

    Pam should tell the truth. After having two children, spending numerous hours baking in the sun and bleaching her hair until it’s lifeless and dry, she is wrinkled and worn and has lost her looks much sooner than she should have. I doubt that producers want her anymore.

  3. green cardigan

    Hooters Hotel and Casino ?

    Fitting name.

    No you see ‘em, now you don’t !

  4. woohoo

    Her boobs are crooked !! LMAO .. talk about being worn out

  5. Rob

    I’ve seen her work, I’m pretty sure she stopped acting years ago.

    Now, if only she’d disappear completely.

  6. rebecca

    Pammy loves “theatre” Well, I guess Stella Adler can finally rest in peace.

  7. Persistent Cat

    Did she pronounce theatre with an accent? Because that means it’s sophistimicated.

  8. Margaret

    And just exactly – WHEN DID SHE ACT?

  9. pats

    since when did jogging in a bathing suit qualify as acting?
    shhhhhit, that means im an actress too!
    and maybe i’m through with acting as well.

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