Pamela Anderson Accepts an Indecent Proposal

Except that honestly, Pammie probably has a very short list of what exactly would qualify a proposal as being “indecent.” Here we see our girl, Pam, most definitely engaging in what looks like “beach frolicking” with whom I’m being told is Rick Solomon. You might remember Rick as the guy behind the “1 Night in Paris” movie that was, strangely enough, given the cold shoulder by the Academy that year. Now, it’s being reported by Star magazine that Pamela and Rick are an item.

“Pam is smitten with Rick,” while another reveals, “They’ve been dating for several weeks.”

But the most interesting part of this pairing is how the relationship started in the first place. Anderson recently revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that in order to settle a $250,000 gambling debt in Vegas, she agreed to allow a then unnamed gentleman to pay it off in exchange for some nookie.

“It worked out, I liked it. … I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors and fell in love. It’s so romantic.”

And now that’s how the two got started, supposedly. Great. Another goofball who’s going to get into a fight with Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Oh wait, that is great. Someone be sure to video tape that.


More photos of Pamela Anderson frolicing with Rick Solomon at the beach after the jump.