Pamela Anderson Goes To Bat For The Chickens

January 20th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Pamela Anderson is not smiling (despite the photo shown above). She’s championing for all the chickens in the world, to have the likeness of the Kentucky Fried Chicken founder’s likeness removed from the Kentucky state Capitol.

Pam Anderson wants to get rid of a bust. No, not her own surgically inflated assets – the “Stacked” star is leading the charge to remove a likeness of KFC founder Col. Harland Sanders from the Kentucky state Capitol. Anderson called the likeness “a monument to cruelty” to chickens in a statement issued by her handlers at PETA. Anderson wrote a letter detailing alleged abuses of chickens by KFC suppliers. Among her claims was that workers in a slaughterhouse in West Virginia have been filmed tearing the heads off live birds, spitting tobacco in their eyes, spray-painting their faces and slamming them on the ground.


Pam For Poultry [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. CD

    I remember seeing Dolly Parton on Oprah once and she said that she may look fake, but she’s the realest person you’ll ever meet. I think Pam comes a close second. That Frairs Roast of hers was BRUTAL, even I was uncomfortable for her a few times, but she had her eyes on the price: PETA money. I’ve seen slaughterhouse video and it’s not pretty, not funny, and if killing animals can’t be done humanely, it should be illegal.

  2. Anna

    I also think she was a great sport at the Roast, and made it clear that she was only participating for the charity. She might look a bit ridiculous, but I’ve got to hand it to her – she’s really stuck by her cause the whole way.

  3. pennyloveless

    May I just point out that if Pam’s a vegetarian and pro-animal rights then why is she wearing UGGS?

    What’s it going to be chicken skin or sheep skin?

    Make’s sense.

  4. booklvy

    This is from about a year ago, source is the NY Post:

    Animal-lover Pam Anderson to introduce “cruelty-free” Uggs

  5. GIGI

    Come on…we have better things to worry about here in Ky, than a bust of Colonel Sanders in the Capital.

  6. CD

    Why the fuck do you have a bust of the guy at the state capitol in the first place? Is he the only famous person from KY? That’s a serious question.

  7. Cletis from Hog Valley, KY

    Im frum Kentuky and we purt near wurship the Kernel. He taut us to eet chiken rather than fuk em

  8. Fugly Girl

    Another celebrity with another stupid cause that they know nothing about. To piggyback on other’s comments………does she not realize that most shoes are made out of leather??? Belts too? Purses?? Does she think they are any nicer to those animals than they are to the ones in the PETA videos? Good grief!

    PETA=People for the eating of tasty animals, weating them too dammit!

  9. Fugly Girl

    I meant wearing them.

  10. Hard-On

    Too bad she has hepatitis, I’d love to fuck her hard, if I ever got the chance. For now let me go get my towel and get ready to unload to these pictures.

  11. Jynx

    That’s really thoughtful of her..

  12. crueltyfree

    Why doesn’t Pamela support doing away with bull fighting? Tonight, on “Dancing with the Stars”, an expert dancer referred to bullfighting as an “art” not an extremely cruel sport. Why not take a stand against this most hateful act and put this “sport” out of business (and it is a multimillion dollar business) for good!

    Even if she wanted to continue fighting for the rights of chickens who are bound for slaughter, isn’t there a better way to go about it? Fighting to remove a bust of the Colonel seems like an easy way for her to make headlines without doing much for any cause!

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