Pamela Anderson Gets Real

April 8th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Pamela Anderson is getting her own reality show on E!. Cameras will follow “her daily life” around this summer. The series will supposedly differ from the million other reality series in that it will have the “look and feel” of a documentary. I’m sure this will be some D.A. Pennebaker shit. Gimme Shelter should be worried.

This only makes sense. Where else did she have to go? Please note that the Pamela of today is a little rougher than the classic Pamela of yesteryear. They should title this one Lookin’ Rough With Pamela Anderson. I mean, christ, she’s working the Little League field!


More photos of Pamela Anderson watching her son’s baseball game in Malibu are after the jump.

(Hint – Right-click on the image thumbnails with your mouse to open them in a new tab or window.)


By J. Harvey

  1. sheryl

    Oh god, no….NOOOOOOOO!! Anna Nicole, darn you, what did you start????

  2. peachpie

    guess she’s not the ‘chat with other moms’ type…

  3. angie

    Seriously, who are these people that are even interested in these shows? What kind of target audience “gets” this stuff????

  4. Dahlink

    Her show on E! has been canceled. Her TV show rating wasn’t very good. It was gross!

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