Pamela Anderson Hides Her Easter Eggs

Pamela Anderson spent her Easter Sunday with her kids and ex-husband and we’re guessing that it was out of deference for the holiday that she chose to cover up her mammaries. Usually, she has the girls out on display, but it appears that yesterday, she opted to keep them covert, by wearing what looks like a towel-dress while out and about with the fam.

Seriously, I don’t know why these two keep breaking up when clearly they can’t stay away from each other. Pam is currently going through a split from husband number three, Rick Salomon, and both have cited the other for fraud in their annulment papers.

Tommy Lee looks like he’s trying a little too hard with the skater garb–it’s quite jarring when you realize how old that face is under that kicky little hat. Yikes. But most interesting, I think are those mysterious dark marks on Pammie’s left arm. Let’s hope for her sake, it’s simply blotchy fake tan residue.


More photos of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee with their kids are after the jump.

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