Pamela Anderson Gave Up on “Working Things Out” with Hubby Rick

Hey Rick, did you hear? Pam has decided that you’re too scummy, even for her, and is going to move forward with the divorce. That’s right, Pam Anderson is treating her current husband, Rick Salomon, like her breast implants–one minute they’re in, the next they’re out. And like an ejected contestant on “Project Runway,” Rick is now out. After initially announcing that she’d changed her mind and was opting to “work things out” with Salomon when reports surfaced of Anderson’s filing for divorce, now it appears that the blonde bundle of bad judgment had divorce papers personally served to Rick at the end of last month. And why shouldn’t she? There are so many horrible suitors amongst whom she has to divide her attention. It’s not fair that Rick should have it all to himself.

Photos: Getty Images