Pamela Anderson Sports A Teeny Black Bikini In Hawaii [PHOTOS]

Pamela In Playboy
Anderson covers Playboy again
Ah, to constantly feel like you’re 20.  Such is the mind of Pamela Anderson, who put on her itty-bitty black bikini while on vacation in Hawaii December 15th.  I applaud the 44-year-old for looking might fab on the beach.

Anderson was on vacay with boyfriend-of-a-few-months Joe Rose, a surfer and environmentalist (he’s the gent getting handsy with Pamela’s bubbies).

According to the Sun, Anderson credits her two sons, Dylan and Brandon, with keeping her fit.  “My kids keep me in shape. I play every sport with them – football, basketball, baseball.  I’m always outside and on the beach and in the water and I’m not a real gym person.  I don’t do the gym and I don’t diet – I’m vegetarian but I don’t diet.”