Pam And Denise Get Sued For Laying The Smack Down


In response to being verbally and physically attacked by both Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson, two Canadian photographers are taking legal action. A suit against the actresses has been filed, citing an incident that took place during filming of “Blonde and Blonder” in Vancouver. From Us Weekly:

According to court papers filed Friday March 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court, the photographers, Rik Fedyck and Scott Cosman, say that while they were paid guests at a Vancouver hotel in November 2006, Richards “became enraged” and “stormed up” to them calling them filthy names and “scumbags.” Richards then hit both photographers, grabbed their laptops and threw the computers off a balcony into the hotel lobby, destroying them.

This is the oddest coincidence. The only way my boyfriend can have an orgasm is if I pretend to be Pamela Anderson AND Denise Richards, call him a “scumbag” and smack him with my laptop before throwing it out the window. And the only way I can have an orgasm of my own, is if he subsequently pretends to sue me. I mean, it’s not exactly what happened in real life, but dang if it isn’t pretty close.