Pam Anderson Wants Someone Sexy

January 5th, 2007 // 3 Comments

People tells us that Pam Anderson has specified the type of guy she’s looking for her on her website.

Pamela Anderson has taken a slight dig at her ex, Kid Rock, on her Web site, hinting that he was too self-centered to make their relationship work.

“As for new love – I need a man with interests outside of himself – someone with similar beliefs … that would be sexy,” she writes in her online diary in an entry posted Wednesday.

Anderson and the rocker split in November after only four months as husband and wife.

Still, Anderson is optimistic about where her life is heading this year: “I’m very happy … I’m excited about moving on – 2007 looks good,” she writes on her Web site. “2006 is officially over.”

In other news, Pam Anderson shockingly understands the concept of time.


By J. Harvey

  1. MissNee

    Does that mean she wants someone that will stay home while she runs around naked in David LaChappelles’ room at 4am?

    Pam isn’t exactly selfless.

  2. noodle butt

    “…shockingly understands the concept of time.”


  3. Suz

    Pam wants someone sexy? Has she looked in a mirror lately? My god she always looks drugged or drunk. She looks like a old hag. She should be glad someone as sexy as Rock even looked at her. She could turn the pope into a woman beater. Any woman who would take her husband to a screening of a movie of herself making love with her ex-husband in front of a room full of men has a screw loose anyway.

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