Pamela Anderson Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know That Those Boobs Are Sorta Taken

November 21st, 2007 // 6 Comments

Pamela Anderson has some bullshit excuse for why she doesn’t wear a wedding ring. When asked why, she reportedly asked the journalist “Haven’t you seen Blood Diamond”? “Blood Diamond” starred Leonardo DiCaprio and portrayed the barbaric diamond trade in Africa. Oh please. Obviously the rock your new husband Rick Saloman gave you wasn’t big enough. Or you wanted to make sure that if you wanted to grab your ankles, you couldn’t be pegged as involved.

Pamela – who married Rick in the hour break between her Las Vegas shows
where she is performing as magician Hans Klok’s assistant – said: “Haven’t
they ever seen ‘Blood Diamond?’ All I need is Rick around my finger.”

Jesus, she’s better off not taking her Hep C meds than having Rick around her finger or any other part of her body! He had sex with Paris Hilton. On film! Damn! I need a bath! You married that? Did you leave your brains with Tommy?

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By J. Harvey

  1. Loob

    “…All I need is Rick around my finger.”

    ?! Gross, Pammy! That’s a visual I didn’t need during breakfast. :)

  2. Janepitt

    They make the perfect couple she has atleast 3 sex tapes on the Internet with atleast 2 partners. This woman is vile.

  3. T-Bone

    You know — one can get a “conflict free” diamond if one tries hard enough. But I have to say — Pammy is losing her mind and she looks worse every day. She needs to stop with those ho-bag outfits and start taking care of her body.

  4. Zelda F.

    “”Or you wanted to make sure that if you wanted to grab your ankles, you couldn’t be pegged as involved”" Oh My God…. That’s hilarious. And yes, she just looks like all that hard partying is not only catching up with her, it ran over her, ran over her, backed up & ran over her again….

  5. jimi

    It’s an old joke, but very appropriate . . . if you look up “NASTY” in the dictionary . . .

  6. jbonz

    Y’know, when you have a 45 year old face and a 6 month old smile, you look like you’re shitting jalapenos, don’t you?

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