Pam Anderson and Future Ex-Husband Get Smoothies

January 11th, 2008 // 3 Comments

I’m no body language expert, but I’m pretty sure the fact that Pam Anderson seems to be trying to keep a good ten feet away from her new husband, Rick Salomon, is a pretty strong indication that the honeymoon is over. Oh yeah, that and the fact that divorce papers have been filed. Despite that fact, these two were seen together today picking up smoothies in Malibu, CA. I imagine this must be what it looks like when homeless people divorce. They just couldn’t resist a few last rounds of gritty, public bathroom sex before the papers were finalized. I expect this isn’t the last time either.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. anonymous

    Publicity stunt!!!.

  2. Zelda F.

    If body language had a voice, it would certainly say that Pam is REALLY pissed off and just wants to LOSE that guy. He’s outta here! She obviously doesn’t want to be anywhere near the poor prat.

    Poor Rick, looks like he was left holding the bag.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist that one!)

  3. sandy

    I don’t know why she keeps marrying these losers. I don’t know whay she doesn’t just stay divorced. She’s VERY bad at marriage.

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