Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Need To Get Over Themselves

Gwyneth Paltrow
’s husband Chris Martin is a bit of a git and has this whole thing about them never being photographed together out in public. Jesus, she’s not that busted. Here they are making a rare public appearance together in London. At least, we think it’s them. Why don’t they just wear bags over their heads if it’s that crucial?

They dined together at Zuma restaurant after the UK premiere of Gwyn’s new flick Iron Man.

The Coldplay frontman has a serious bug up his ass about being seen out with his wife. I think that’s weird. I applaud them for being the opposite of fame-whoring but lighten up. It’s not that serious

Paltrow has been quoted previously saying Martin enforces this rule stringently.

“You will never see us out publicly. We just don’t want to be one of those couples. He gets furious if I say something about him,” she told Glamour magazine earlier this month. Jesus, concentrate on making less boring music, dude.