Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Need To Get Over Themselves

April 26th, 2008 // 21 Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow
‘s husband Chris Martin is a bit of a git and has this whole thing about them never being photographed together out in public. Jesus, she’s not that busted. Here they are making a rare public appearance together in London. At least, we think it’s them. Why don’t they just wear bags over their heads if it’s that crucial?

They dined together at Zuma restaurant after the UK premiere of Gwyn’s new flick Iron Man.

The Coldplay frontman has a serious bug up his ass about being seen out with his wife. I think that’s weird. I applaud them for being the opposite of fame-whoring but lighten up. It’s not that serious

Paltrow has been quoted previously saying Martin enforces this rule stringently.

“You will never see us out publicly. We just don’t want to be one of those couples. He gets furious if I say something about him,” she told Glamour magazine earlier this month. Jesus, concentrate on making less boring music, dude.


By J. Harvey

  1. Get Over Yourself

    Seriously. They look like idiots. They could handle that so much classier. Instead, they look like complete morons.

  2. Blast from the Past

    I agree with Get Over Yourself. They look like monkeys. He had one hit song about 9 years ago and what was her big hit movie? I missed that one. I know it was a while back. Is it really 1999 again? Are we supposed to care about them?

  3. Prissy

    I would understand this if they were Joe and Jane Doe out for dinner. But they’re both in the business of entertaining the masses, and they’ve chosen to be in the public eye. Plus, it’s not like the paps are up their skirts. So chill the fuck out and have a photo taken!

  4. These tools showed up at my office (media) one day when I was burning a smoke out front. The doorwoman said bitch didn’t want to sign in like all guests gotta do but she made her anyhow. I pretended not to watch, like they were nobody at all. Which they aren’t.

    PS: Let’s see something on Bijou Phillips she’s smoking!

  5. Suz

    They are very common people with middle class incomes.
    Take a hint from James McAvoy and his wife – who are *NOT* common. They don’t talk about their marriage and journalists respect that because the McAvoys are not tools.

  6. londonfields

    I really cannot think of a more obnoxious and loathsome pairing than this couple combo: the marginally (and that is being generous) talented actress whose “fame” derives from being a member of the lucky sperm club and having Steven Spielberg as her godfather– and the high priest of bedwetter music. Please, please just go away and really understand that other than the paparazzi who get paid by the photo and perhaps a few pathetic people in need of lives, no one gives a damn about your macrobiotic,rarified-air breathing icky existences. Go away, now!

  7. melissa

    they are absolutely fame-whores — she sells perfume by using the brand that is gwyneth paltrow, plus she let house beautiful shoot her entire house, including her daughter’s bedroom. really, that’s as fame-whorey as you can get.

  8. melissa

    they are absolutely fame-whores — she sells perfume by using the brand that is gwyneth paltrow, plus she let house beautiful shoot her entire house, including her daughter’s bedroom. really, that’s as fame-whorey as you can get.

  9. Sage

    So why are you even posting pix of them covering their faces? Why not just ignore them entirely?

  10. Alek

    Pity the guy. He doesn’t want to be known as Mr. Paltrow.

    Which is totally what the reflexively mysoginist press would call him. Can’t have a successful woman with a less-successful partner, even if he makes her happy. (cf. commentaries on KFed, Cash Warren, etc.) Man must hold purse strings (ha) & be in power in relationship! (to be said in cro magnon voice)

    So yeah… all the hiding, lame but made necessary by an even lamer media environment.

  11. wombat

    Oh come on, you bunch of jerks.
    Shut your half-wit pie-holes. especially, you, Blog writer.
    Have some respect, for once. It’s not them who are stuck up. If you would really know anything, you would know that Chis is extemely modest and Coldplay is one of the most talented bands of their time. Gwyneth and Chris want a relationship that is private and you shouldn’t diss them for wanting that.
    So get over YOURSELF and stop acting like a bunch of deleuded, intolerant, high school morons just because you weren’t able to get a pretty little picture of them.
    Get a life.

  12. pinkpanther

    GO sage, alek and wombat. u guys are so right.

  13. luvcoldplay

    I agree with Wombat…Leave the couple alone and let them live their lives in peace. What is wrong with the press? Are they already tired of taking picutures of Brad and Angelina????

  14. justme

    I agree with Wombat. Chris Martin and his band Coldplay continue to entertain us with great music one album after another. If the couple wants to be left alone then respect their wishes. Both of them were never one for the spotlight even before they met. The press just loves to stir up trouble! Anyway I think I heard that Brad and Angelina are looking to have some more photos taken.

  15. person.

    amen, wombat.

  16. warmplay

    so what they dont want to be photographed together ? that’s their decision. leave them alone ! J. Harvey, you must be an slow idiot not being able to get pictures from the couple. LOL. why don’t you photograph mr and mrs jolie. you may probably make some money out of it, instead of publishing an article and telling people your frustration. LOL

  17. musicchica

    So why are you taking pictures and posting it on here if you are just going to talk crap about it? That makes you like more like the idiot. How would you feel if you had people smashed against your car looking inside and taking pictures of you? It’s better to be like this than flashing your crotch to the camera like another person we all know…

    They are probably the most down to earth couple in Hollywood and you need to fix your own problems before you just go off about people you don’t even know. Get a life.

  18. Alex

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Katie

    Geez, he’s a fantastic rock star and quite the dude. He gives
    tremendous amounts of dinero to activist causes, and she’s a fine
    actress! Ya’ll are soo jealous…;-)

    Don’t you like music? Most people love their stuff!

  20. LOL

    haha i sense jealousy ;) coldplay are one of the best bands in the world they have a catalogue full of number one hits so shove that up your arse and stop being such idiots about the whole thing, there only covering themselves up from the endless camera flashing etc …

  21. Ahaha

    Wow, this has to be the most ridiculous article I have ever read. So they don’t like to be the spotlight of the red carpet, God forbid a celebrity couple wants to be subtle and discreet for once? Unless you know them both personally and have experienced an ugly side to them first-hand, it’s highly immature and unimpressive for you to say he has a “bug up his ass”. And if you don’t like Coldplay or think they’re boring, your taste in music is probably just as shameful as your sense of judgment :)

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