Palm Springs Film Festival Attendees Weigh In On Golden Globes/Britney Situation

January 6th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Here’s some pics of the attendees of the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala yesterday. Is Halle Berry having quints? Girl is ready to shoot those babies out! Other attendees included the crew from “Hairspray” (including Travolta and his wig), Ellen Page (my imaginary girlfriend) and the cast of “Juno”, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Daniel is getting the RAVE reviews for “There Will Be Blood”, by the way. That bitch can act. The red carpeters were asked about the possibility that there might not be a Golden Globe awards ceremony next week due to the ongoing writer’s strike. It took a Frenchwoman to keep it real. “La Vie En Rose” star Marion Cotillard said she wouldn’t be crossing the picket line despite not even being an actor’s guild member. “I think that everyone involved in a project should share the benefit of it,” said Cotillard in regards to the writers’ demands to receive more shares of the proceeds from projects. In contrast, Pig in A Gay Scientology Wig Travolta said “it’s always sad when a program gets cancelled.” Shut up, Johnny Trav. Good work in “Hairspray”, though. On the Britney front, the most talented young actress going Ellen Page said “No one goes, ‘Why is this happening?’ They just judge and judge and judge. It’s too bad.” You’re right, Ellen. But isn’t that YOU judging US for judging? It’s a vicious circle, sugar.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

32 more photos from the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala featuring Halle Berry, Marion Cotillard, Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Nikki Blonsky, Daniel Day Lewis, Stockard Channing, Ellen Page, John Travolta, Phil Donahue, Mary Hart, Barry Manilow, Allison Janney, Ricki Lake, Bruce Willis and Britanny Snow are after the jump.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. Logan

    Where’s the babydaddy? Please, someone make up some excuses………….

  2. tc

    Yes, but her comment on the Britney situation is that she basically has no comment. You judging Britney is your take on Britney, her no comment is her take……so she’s not any kind of hypocrite for judging you…’s not her take on Britney…it’s on what you’re doing with regard to her. And I’m not saying Socialite’s Life is the only one…but people should realize that the more attention and more judgment Britney feels on her, the more pressure she feels and the more likely she is to act like an ass…..really. If anyone actually cared about Brittney as a human being, they’d not spend any money on the celeb gossip magazines. You think if you weren’t in the same situation you would respond any differently?

  3. green cardigan

    Daniel Day Lewis is looking very dashing. I lie the gold gypsy earrings too. I am counting the days till his new film is released over here.
    He is in a league of his own when it comes to acting.

  4. Boatuituila

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