Paging Dr. Thiessen

Seriously, I’m fully aware that this isn’t exactly the most breaking of celebrity news, but for some reason reading that she plays a doctor in her upcoming role in the Made-for-TV Hallmark Channel movie, “Pandemic,” made me giggle. Probably because the last time I saw her on TV, she was doing this. As you probably guessed from the title, the film is based on the concept that a crazy virus (much like bird-flu) starts to spread among the populace. Thiessen’s character is the doctor who heads up the group of Centers of Disease Control and Prevention specialists who are saddled with the task off containing the disease. She spent most of the time during filming wearing a hazmat suit.

“The first day that we had to be in those suits we were at LAX on the tarmac during a 110-degree summer day,” she said. “I drank water all day and, weirdly enough, didn’t have to go to the bathroom once because I was sweating out every ounce of water that I took into my body. It was a pretty miserable day.”

That sounds gross. If I were a guy, I think that my weiner would have retreated back into its shell after reading about Tiff’s super-sweaty day. And here I was thinking that she’d be in her normal sexy outfits, with a clipboard and glasses. You know, cause that’s what sexy doctors wear.