Page Six’s Richard Johnson Spends The Night In Jail

I think it was just cruel to make Paula Freolich and Chris Wilson spend the night in jail with him. They are a part of Page Six, aren’t they?

Richard Johnson was pulled over on West 14th Street at midnight because he had a cellphone glued to his ear. The arresting officer quickly accused him of slurred speech and asked him to take a Breathalyzer test. Showing dubious judgment, Johnson refused and was taken to the 7th Precinct in handcuffs, where he was asked to walk a straight line, stand like a statue with one foot off the floor and touch fingertips to nose with eyes closed. The reviews were mixed. But it’s all on videotape for future screenings. The NYPD, which should be commended for its crackdown on DWI, treated Johnson with utmost professionalism. He was taken to the Tombs at 100 Centre St., where he shared a crowded holding pen with a gorgeous mosaic of individuals, all of whom were uncomfortable, tired and disgusted with the catering – Frosted Flakes and stale peanut-butter sandwiches. Nearly 12 hours after his arrest, Johnson was arraigned, given a court date and freed with no bail, after his lawyer argued he was not a flight risk.

It sounds like Michelle Rodriguez knew what she was talking about, when she said, “I can see beauty in a jail cell.”


UPDATE: Apparently the source of Perez Hilton’s information regarding Richard Johsnon’s DUI was no one other than Page Six’s own Chris Wilson.

On the media shuttle bus over to Saturday night’s MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, another journalist (and ANIMAL’s source for the story) congratulated Perez on being the first to report Page Six editor Richard Johnson’s DUI arrest. Perez accepted the compliment, then boastfully told our mole that Chris Wilson, Page Six’s hangover-happy foot soldier, was who he received the tip from just a few hours after Johnson was released from the drunk tank.

Was Perez drunk? Never give up source!

Caption Me: Perez Hilton Rats Out Chris Wilson [Animal via Gawker]