Page Six Is Just Asking

December 29th, 2005 // 6 Comments

When oral sex and President Clinton are mentioned in a blind item, you have to post it.

Which long-married rock star defines cheating the same way Bill Clinton used to? The frisky frontman, who claims to be faithful, has only oral sex with his groupies . . .

Which celebrity sisters drank so much at their holiday party that one of them ended up vomiting in the bathroom of their high-profile home? . . .

Which super-couple likes to renew their Mile-High Club membership almost every time they fly? The horny duo are infamous among private plane crews for their loud lovemaking at sky-high altitudes.

(Source: Page Six)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tellitlikeitis

    Celebrity Sister’s in their high profile… just a wild guess – the Simpson Sisters. We know Jessie lover her booze and Ashlee and her “exaustion”. Anyone else have any good guesses.

    As for the rocker.. I wonder if it’s Jon Bon Jovi. He claims to be ever so faithful to his wide Dorothea and they have been married forever.

  2. Laura


  3. BlazerMary

    1. Rocker: This hurts to say. I was thinking Bono but Bon Jovi is a good guess.

    2. Drunk Sisters: Mary Kate and Ashley (high profile residence…don’t they live in a penthouse??)

    3. Horny couple. Brad & Angelina…since they seem to have an aversion to staying in any time zone for any reasonable amount of time.

  4. KittyLiterati

    Could high-profile allude to the highest profile residence, i.e. the White House?
    After all, the Bush twins are known for being avid drinkers and skanking around with the likes of Fabian Basabe.

  5. Kate

    Splitting Couple: Eddie Van Halen – he and Valerie Bertinelli are divorcing after 20+ years

    Sisters: Hiltons – cause they’re both stupid whores

    Sexing Couple: Bradlina… or at least I hope so!

  6. As for the sisters, I’m going with the ever-popular Olsen twins.

    Couple: yah, I agree, Bradlina.

    But the rocker, hmm…. Elton John? Just a thought…

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