‘Animaniacs’ And ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ Deserve A Reboot, Please [Flashback]

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Whether you like it or not, the popularity of ’90s nostalgia does not appear to be waning anytime soon. Elizabeth Banks announced this week she will play Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers movie, The X-Files mini-series is now airing on Fox, and we will soon find out if the Tanner hyper is warranted when Fuller House premieres in just 3 weeks on Netflix!

The ’90s are not going anywhere, and we find that perfectly acceptable. In fact, we have some ideas on how to really cash in on this ’90s reboot fad.

Launch the gallery for a look at some more shows which we feel deserve that enviable reboot treatment.

Zac Efron, John Boyega, Cristiano Ronaldo & More Bring You The Best Celebrity Social Media Pics Of The Week

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You could also call some of this week’s best celebrity social media pics “hot dudes in training.” ‘Cause that’s how they’re rolling this time around.

There’s Zac Efron flexing those beautiful muscles, as he trains for the upcoming Baywatch movie, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega showing off his chiseled back, as he gears up for Star Wars VIII. Also, gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo carves those abs, just because he can, while Hugh Jackman thanks god it’s Friday… so he can take workout pics.

There are other cute pics, too, like Channing Tatum totally making some girl so very happy with his Valentine’s Day charms on Jimmy Kimmel Live!; Sofia Vergara and her man, Joe Manganiello, looking smokin’ hot; Ian Somerhalder wishing his wife, Nikki Reed, a happy 9-month wedding anniversary; and the cutie boys of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Check out the gallery above!

Kylie Minogue, Joshua Sasse, Reese Witherspoon & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For February 5, 2016

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So many photos, so little time.

Galavant star (and star of my heart) Joshua Sasse was out with his lady love, Kylie Minogue, last night. They are so cute together. Well done Kylie for bagging that talented hottie.

Reese Witherspoon wore another fabulous outfit while out today. I was her wardrobe. I want it all.  Read More »

Welcome To Shirtless Man Friday, Channing Tatum & Joseph-Gordon Levitt In A Musical!: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Shirtless Sam!
Please enjoy these photos of him frolicking in he ocean. Read More »
Shirtless Man Friday

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— And Shirtless Man Friday is BACK for everyone’s viewing pleasure [The Berry]

Channing Tatum and Joseph-Gordon Levitt? In a musical? Together?! [PITNB]

Sofia Vergara has reasons for wearing the same kind of dress all the time [Celebitchy]

— Does anyone else think this Tim Tebow lip sync is super awkward? [Towleroad]

— I lost track of many times I watched this Vine, LOLOLOL [omgblog]

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are probably dating and it maketh me sad [ICYDK]

Parke & Ronen Brings The Sexy To Fashion Week With Shirtless And Pantless Models

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Sure, fall and winter fashion week is great, because everyone loves a man in a killer suit and a fantastic coat.

But it does make one yearn for the spring and summer shows, when the runways are filled with buff and super sexy shirtless guys, just waiting to be gazed at.

So we’ve got to send a big thank you to the folks at Parke & Ronen this year, because they somehow managed to do both of these things.  Read More »

Cute Overload: Prince Harry Hangs Out With Little Kids, Makes Ovaries Explode

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It’s time to check with everyone’s favorite British royal, Prince Harry!

The prince and his ginger beard were visiting folks in Lancashire today to check out the area affected by a recent flood. He met with soldiers, talked with the emergency planning officers and, of course, made time to chat with the kids who’d come out to meet him.

Remember when he visited Australia and New Zealand and it felt like everyday he was taking part in something really cute? Well this felt kinda like that.  Read More »

Happy Birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo! Let’s Celebrate With An Ode To Your Exquisite Body!

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Cristiano Got Naked
Cristiano Ronaldo Irina Shayk Spanish Vogue Naked
And ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk was covering it all. Read More »

Hey Cristiano Ronaldo! Happy birthday!

The European soccer star turns 31 today, so it only seems right that we celebrate on Socialite Life with our favorite thing about Ronaldo: his body.

Sure, we love his soccer skills and how he sometimes plugs weird ab workout machines, or how he defends little Japanese kids trying to speak Portuguese, but mostly–the body! So let’s celebrate together, shall we?  Read More »

Johnny Depp Receives The ‘Maltin Modern Master’ Award, And Talks About Giving Leonardo DiCapario A Hard Time

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While Johnny Depp‘s performance in Black Mass didn’t pick up too much Oscar buzz this year, the man did receive a Maltin Modern Master Award at the 31st Santa Barbara Film Festival. And for fans, that might be even better, as Johnny sat down for a hefty two hours to discuss his career. The award is named after Leonard Maltin, a noted film critic, who moderated the discussion. Johnny basically spoke about his entire career, from 21 Jump Street on. He was glad he got out of the TV show, because he really wanted to go on to play more interesting characters, which he clearly did by then starring in Cry-Baby, and Edward Scissorhands. Read More »