Orlando Bloom, Selena Gomez, Kellan Lutz & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For January 27, 2015

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So many photos, so little time.

My husband Orlando Bloom was spotted dropping off his dad at the airport on my birthday. He did say he had something to do and couldn’t make it to dinner.

Selena Gomez looked like quite the bad girl on the set of her new movie. Is that a cigarette I see?  Read More »

Jared & Lupita Might Actually Be A Thing, This Is Probably The Female Ghostbusters Cast: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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20 Jared Leto Gifs
Jared Leto
Jared Leto is even more fascinating in gif form. Read More »
Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong'o

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— Okay You Guys, Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o Might Totally Be Happening! [Lainey Gossip]

— The All-Female Cast Of The Ghostbusters Reboot Has Reportedly Been Chosen [Pink is the New Blog]

— Principal Proclaims “School Is Closed” With Frozen Cover [Towleroad]

— These Korean Girls Are Trying American Snacks and They Are Not Impressed [omgblog]

— ICYMI: Benedict Cumberbatch Writes Really Good Apologies [Celebitchy]

— 10 Puppies Having A Better Snow Day Than You [College Candy]

WATCH: The Teaser For Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Is Here And It’s Perfect

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Wet Hot American Summer
'Wet Hot American Summer'
Wet Hot American Summer Twitpic
The boys from our favorite movie all posing together! Read More »

Remember when we heard that Netflix was doing a Wet Hot American Summer series and we all freaked out?

And then we heard that they had somehow gotten the entire original cast together and we were like, “Gonna freak out now.”

Well let that freak out continue, because the first teaser for Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series is here and yes, every single actor you love has his or her name listed.  Read More »

Here Is Your Monthly Reminder That French Actor Gaspard Ulliel Is Really Hot

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Do you think the universe is giving me all of my favorite attractive men because it was my birthday yesterday?

Because if so, universe I love you, and thank you so much for the Gaspard Ulliel photos you sent my way today. The super attractive French actor took his well-dressed self to Paris Fashion Week today to check out the Chanel show.

Look at that suit on him. Look! It’s almost as good as David Gandy‘s suits! Ugh. I love all of this.  Read More »

David Gandy Is One Of The UK’s Most Influential People And Definitely One Of The Hottest

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Congratulations are in order for Socialite Life’s favorite male model as David Gandy was named one of Debrett‘s 500 most influential people in the UK. Yay!

Quick rundown: per WikipediaDebrett started off as an etiquette guide in 1769. Now, in addition to an etiquette guide, it picks who it thinks are 500 of the most influential people. And as the most successful model to come out of the UK, it only makes sense that David is on the list.

And he’s in quite good company.  Read More »

Chris Pine Is All Sorts Of Attractive Before And After Sundance, Wants You To Know He’s Not Ryan Reynolds

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Chris Wants To Be King
Chris Pine 'Pa-Gent' Funny Or Die Sketch Make Up
Yes, he wants to be Chris Pine, Pa-Gent King. Read More »

Please note: the photo above is of Chris Pine post-Sundance.

The actor had quite a busy day yesterday as he was spotted at the Sundance Film Festival during the day, then at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont for some partying at night. Actually, he could have just been grabbing dinner. We don’t know.

But what we know is that Chris looked very sexy promoting his new movie Z for Zachariah at the festival. Also you guys, he is not Ryan ReynoldsRead More »

Just Because: Adam Lambert And Queen Bring Their Dramatic Flair To Paris

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Adam's Ice Bucket Challenge
Adam Lambert Ice Bucket Challenge ALS
Adam took the ALS challenge and it was awesome Read More »

Hey look you guys! Adam Lambert and Queen performed in one of my favorite cities on my birthday yesterday! Aww, what gems.

Once again, Adam, Brian and Roger were bringing it for the crowd. I appreciate that Adam makes the above face at every single performance. I don’t remember what song it was during when I saw them in LA, but then again, I was in a daze.

Also, did you guys appreciate Adam’s Instagram photo from the weekend?  Read More »

WATCH: The Trailer For The ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Is Here And Things Are Looking Dark

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Fantastic Four
It does look pretty cool

Well, it seems that the new Fantastic Four movie is not going to have a lot of laughs. That is, if the tone stays as dark in the full version as it is in the trailer.

We got our first taste of the reboot today, and as Entertainment Weekly wrote it all feels very Christopher Nolan. So I guess the people at Fox are going with a DC Comics movie feel, as opposed to the Marvel movies we’ve been getting from Disney.

Personally, I’m not quite sure that’s the right approach.  Read More »