The Justin Bieber Apology Tour Is Back On, Just In Time For His New Single And VMA Performance

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For a little while there it seemed like Justin Bieber forgot all about his apology tour cause he was too busy being shirtless all the time.

But fear not my friends, because the apology tour is back! In an interview for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, which airs Friday, August 28th, Justin got to talking again about how he used to be versus how he is now.

Right now, it’s all about getting the best people around him. ” I just want to be around people who I feel are supporting me, uplifting me, and making sure I’m the best version of myself because there are so many people in this industry who just want to keep seeing me fall.”  Read More »

Michael Fassbender Might Be Single Again, Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover For ‘Jimmy Kimmel’: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Michael Fassbender GIFs!
Truly the best way to enjoy the sexy star! Read More »
James, Hugh & Michael
Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Dance To Blurred Lines Photo
Watch the 'X-Men' trio shake their asses to 'Blurred Lines' Read More »

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— Will Michael Fassbender Be a Single Guy For his Autumn Promotional Tour? [Celebitchy]

Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover as Jimmy Kimmel‘s Lie Witness Reporter [Celebuzz]

Hilton Hotel Chef In Dallas Allegedly Refused To Cater Gay Couple‘s Wedding [Towleroad]

Azealia Banks Put Donald Trump in His Place on Twitter, Brava [omgblog]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Just Got Even Richer [Evil Beet Gossip]

— Here is Our First Look At The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys, I Want Them All [PITNB]

Josh Groban, Tyga, Scott Disick & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For August 26, 2015

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Josh Groban Sings Kanye
Check out Josh Groban singing Kanye West's tweets. Read More »

So many photos, so little time.

Josh Groban was busy being cute at a magazine launch party and reminding me just how much I love him. It’s weird, I forget sometimes, then I just go on a Groban kick.

Tyga and Scott Disick had a very interesting bro-outing at Barneys. What do you think they talked about? Actually, don’t answer that.  Read More »

Justin Theroux Is Loving Married Life, Banksy’s Dismaland Gets An Official Commercial: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— So Far Justin Theroux is Really Enjoying Married Life With Jennifer Aniston [Celebitchy]

Banksy Releases An Official Commercial Advertisement For Dismaland [PITNB]

— Remember Baywatch Star David Chokachi? Here’s His Ass! (NSFW) [omgblog]

— The Poster for Roland Emmerich‘s Stonewall Looks Better Than the Trailer [Towleroad]

Josh Duggar‘s First Mistress is Speaking Out [Celebslam]

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Have Broken Up…Again [ICYDK]

Chris Pine Turns 35 Today, So Let’s Appreciate The Perfection Of His Piercing Blue Eyes

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Chris Pine blue eyes Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Last night Celebuzz‘s Gabi Chung and I saw Z for Zachariah, which 1) was really good and 2) reminded me just how perfect Chris Pine‘s blue eyes are.

And look at that! Today is Chris Pine’s 35th birthday, the perfect time to celebrate his eyes. Oh come on, like you don’t get lost in them every time you pop in one of his movies?

My college roommate and I went through a Captain Fine phase during freshman year and I can tell you with certainty, his eyes make everything better. (Except Just My Luck. I want those two hours back.)

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WATCH: Celebrate National Dog Day With This Corgi Jumping Around And Enjoying His Own Pool Party

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Corgi's Kiddie Pool Party
Jump, little corgi, jump!

Happy National Dog Day! Didn’t know that was a thing? No worries because now you do.

But really, if you’ve been on the internet at all today it’s been hard to miss. I’m sure you’ve see all your friend, family, co-workers–again, pretty much the entire internet celebrating.

And why shouldn’t they? Dogs are man’s best friend and deserve many days in which we honor them for the unconditional love they give us. So we’re celebrating today with one seriously cute corgi enjoying playtime in a kiddie pool.  Read More »

Hump Day Hotness With The Most Attractive Man-Buns Of Disneyland

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Need More Hump Day Hotness
Cause we've got plenty! Read More »

Ahh, the man-bun.

While we’ve been busing enjoying Jared Leto‘s man-bun for the past few years on Socialite Life–and occasionally Jake Gyllenhaal‘s–the man-bun has been making a name for itself in the outside world.

Specifically at the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. Which is why the truly magical Instagram feed Man-Buns of Disneyland exists. It’s like DILFs of Disneyland (which is also amazing), but this one is all man-buns all the time.  Read More »

WATCH: World’s Hottest Math Teacher Pietro Boselli Explains Mechanical Engineering, All While Shirtless

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Who knew that mechanical engineering and computational fluid dynamics could suddenly be so interesting?

Well I guess that’s what happens when Pietro Boselli, the world’s sexiest math teacher, is explaining it all to me. And lucky for us, he was happy to chat about his new found fame and the real work he does when he’s not modeling.

Fun fact: He has a degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in computational fluid dynamics. That lead him to his current job. “What I do is design turbines for power plants. It’s very computational and very mathematical.”  Read More »