James Franco, Kim Kardashian, Aaron Paul & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For March 26, 2015

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James Franco hit the red carpet last night at the Atlanta Film Festival. Did you know he’s making a serious movie with Jonah Hill?

Kim Kardashian is back to her brunette hair after being platinum blonde for a hot second. She must have been wearing a wig or something, because all that dying cannot be good for your hair.  Read More »

Liam Payne Talks Zayn Malik’s Departure, Mariah Carey’s Carpool Karaoke: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Zayn Takes A Bite Of Harry
Zayn Malik Take A Bite Of Harry Styles' Candy Thong
Zayn Malik enjoyed some of Harry Styles' candy thong. Read More »
Zayn Malik and Liam Payne

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Liam Payne Has More Things To Say About Zayn Malik’s Departure From One Direction [Pink is the New Blog]

— Prepare For The Joy of Mariah Carey’s Carpool Karaoke With James Corden [Lainey Gossip]

Salt-N-Pepa‘s American Idol “Push It” Performance is the Perfect 1980s #ThrowbackThursday [Towleroad]

— All Hail Dolly Parton, Who Never Wants to Retire [Celebitchy]

Gillian Anderson Wants to See Jamie Dornan’s Man Junk [Evil Beet Gossip]

Scott Disick Hosting Las Vegas Nightclub Party Right After Rehab [ICYDK]

Just Because: Stephen Amell And Grant Gustin Bring ‘Arrow’ And ‘The Flash’ Together Again

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Don’t you so enjoy when Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin bring their DC characters together? It’s like the Justice League we have yet to get.

Stephen and Grant were spotted on the set of The Flash last night, filming some intense scenes with Robbie Amell as Firestorm and Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash. Sadly, Colton Haynes was not on set to create a hotness quintet.

Not like Stephen and Grant need him–they seem totally capable being hot and kicking ass on their own.  Read More »

Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday Featuring Dean Martin

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Dean Martin
Classic Hollywood TBT
Check out all the handsome men from Hollywood's Golden Age! Read More »

Remember how last week we chatted about Jerry Lewis?

Well it only makes sense that this week we chat about Dean Martin! Which is exactly what we’re going to do for this week’s classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday.

Dean Martin was an actor, singer, TV show host and the “King of Cool”. And obviously he excelled at all of those things.  Read More »

Benedict Cumberbatch Uses His Gorgeous Voice To Read A Poem At The Reburial Of King Richard III

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Benedict Cumberbatch Gifs
Benedict Cumberbatch At 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere
Because even Benedict is better in GIF form! Read More »

If my remains are ever dug up under a parking lot after more than 500 years, I hope Benedict Cumberbatch is there to read a poem at my reburial. Richard III has no idea how good he has it–sort of.

Benedict graced us all with his presence today as he stepped out for the reburial of King Richard III, whose remains, if you can’t guess, were found under a parking lot 3 years ago.

Sure Richard III was a super terrible person who was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, but why shouldn’t he get a cool reburial?  Read More »

Jon Hamm Opens Up About His Rehab Stint As He Celebrates The End Of ‘Mad Men’

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Would you look at that beautiful bearded man right there. Someone is really enjoying not having to shave all the time as Don Draper–and that someone is Jon Hamm.

The handsome actor hit the red carpet in Los Angeles last night to celebrate the final season of Mad Men at the Black & Red Ball. Look at him being all sexy in that white coat. That’s totally something Don Draper would wear. Ugh, I’m really gonna miss Don Draper.

In other important Jon Hamm news, the actor opened up about his recent stint in rehabRead More »

Jeremy Renner’s Divorce Is Getting Even Messier Than It Already Was

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So you remember how Jeremy Renner is getting a divorce from his baby mama and wife of 10 months, Sonni Pacheco, right?

And you remember how we already thought it was as messy as it could get with Sonni alleging that Jeremy married her under false pretenses and that he was holding some of her stuff hostage. Well you guys! It’s gotten even crazier.

According to document obtained by People, Jeremy’s best friend and roommate has now gotten involved and is throwing some serious shade Sonni’s way.  Read More »

Harry Styles Cries On Stage Following Zayn Malik’s Departure, Amid Rumors He Might Be Leaving One Direction, Too

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Harry Styles
Harry Styles in GIFS
Because Harry is even better in GIF form. Read More »
Zayn Takes A Bite Of Harry
Zayn Malik Take A Bite Of Harry Styles' Candy Thong
Zayn Malik enjoyed some of Harry Styles' candy thong. Read More »

Apparently fans of One Direction weren’t the only ones hit hard by the news that Zayn Malik was leaving the band.

Even Zayn’s former bandmate Harry Styles was feeling all of the emotions last night. In case you missed it: Zayn decided to take a break from One Direction’s world tour before announcing yesterday that he was leaving for good.

Still, like the troopers they are, Harry, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson went on with the show. But Harry clearly had some trouble as he was visibly crying on stage in Jakarta last night.  Read More »