Ben Affleck And The Nanny Enjoyed A Private Plane Trip To Las Vegas Before Jennifer Garner Fired Her

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Ben Affleck & The Nanny
Jennifer Garner Gucci Custom Made Gown Ben Affleck 2013 Oscars
Apparently it was the final straw for Jennifer Garner. Read More »

You guys! This! This is the kind of gossip we live for over at Socialite Life. It’s proper celebrity gossip!

According to a report from Page Six, Ben Affleck took his former nanny and possible still sidepiece, Christine Ouzounian, with him on a surprise Las Vegas trip. Their other travel companion? Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Apparently the trip happened on Ben and Christine’s way back from the Bahamas. You remember, that was where Ben and soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer Garner went with their kids after they announced their divorce.  Read More »

Kim Kardashian Posts A Nude Pregnancy Photo, Guess Which Celeb Got A Giant Lion Tattoo: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Kim's Life Lessons
Kim Kardashian Birthday
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Kim Kardashian

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Kim Kardashian Gets Naked on Instagram to Prove Her Pregnancy is 100% Real [Celebitchy]

— Guess Which Celebrity Got a Giant Lion Chest Tattoo to Support Cecil? [Towleroad]

— Yay! Winona Ryder Confirms She’ll Be in the Beetlejuice Sequel! Yay! [PITNB]

— This Dude Got an iPhone Stuck in His Dick—Be Warned, the Photo WILL Upset You (NSFW) [omgblog]

Lindsay Lohan is Ready to Write a Tell All Book [Celebuzz]

— Hold On! Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Invite These Friends to Her Wedding? How Rude [ICYDK]

Ryan Gosling, Ben Affleck, Noah Cyrus & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For August 10, 2015

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12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling
He had some killer moves! Watch »

So many photos, so little time.

Ryan Gosling and his favorite hat were spotted filling up their gas tank. I wonder if Ryan sees the LA gas prices and is like, “Ugh. Why?!” In case you don’t know, gas in California is crazy expensive right now.

Ben Affleck looked a little worse for the ear as he enjoyed what I assume is a beer in Atlanta. Yes Affleck, things are not going well for you right now, are they?  Read More »

Let’s Stare At Idris Elba’s Bare Ass, The ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie No One Was Meant To See: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Idris Poses For GQ
Idris Elba
He opens up about DJing and pushing bags of weed. Read More »

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— I Know You Wanna Ogle Idris Elba’s Bare Ass (NSFW) [omgblog]

— Here Is The 1994 Movie The Fantastic Four You Were Never Meant To See [PITNB]

— Anchorman Has Meltdown During Segment on Kylie Jenner‘s New Pet Rabbit “Bruce” [Towleroad]

— Fun Fact: FKA twigs Has Never Seen the Twilight Movies [ICYDK]

— I Wanna Know Who The Hot Dude is Vacationing With Michelle Rodriguez [Moe Jackson]

Elizabeth Olsen Wants to Marry Tom Hiddleston and Have His Babies [Celebitchy]

Help Us Decide! Did One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Just Say He’s Not Going To Be A Dad?

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Louis' Flopping Junk
Louis Tomlinson
Don't even pretend you don't want to watch it! Read More »

Will the confusion never cease!

Just days after finally confirming his impending fatherhood on Good Morning America–and not being trusted by a chunk of his One Direction fans–Louis Tomlinson‘s sincerity is being called into question again.

While attending the Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball in London today, Louis got into a bidding war over a bag with fellow bandmate Liam Payne. Seeing as this was all for charity no one thought anything of it. Until someone pointed out this moment captured by the Periscope feed.  Read More »

Adam Lambert Totally Approves Of This ‘Ghost Town’ Cover And So Do We!

August 10th, 2015 // 2 Comments

As your Monday begins to wind down, I assume you need something calm and lovely, that might also put a little bit of a spring in your step.

Well look no further than this awesome cover of Adam Lambert‘s “Ghost Town” by The Colonel’s Men. The trio posted the cover on YouTube yesterday and already it has the love of Adam’s very dedicated Glamberts, but most importantly, it was approved by the man himself.

Don’t believe me? Well he totally retweeted it. Ready to hear this cover?   Read More »

Just Because: Chris Evans Proves Once Again That People Just Look Sexier In Sunglasses

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It’s true though, right? Like when you see a girl or a guy on Tinder or something, they are always 100% more attractive when they have sunglasses on.

So when you put sunglasses on Chris Evans you’ve just made something hot, even hotter. We marveled (no pun intended) at Chris’ bespectacled hotness when he was in his Captain American costume a few months back, and if you were curious, he looks just as good in Steve Rogers’ every day clothing.

Chris was busy shooting Captain America: Civil War today at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany.  Read More »

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Very Politely Asking You To Be A Courteous Theatergoer And Not Film His ‘Hamlet’

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Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet Theatre
Please, please, please! Listen to Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch Gifs
Benedict Cumberbatch At 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere
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Why it’s so hard for people to be courteous and respectful theatergoers, I will never understand.

But hopefully this plea from Benedict Cumberbatch will get everyone thinking. After a preview performance of Hamlet in London Saturday night, Benedict popped by the stage door to ask his fans to please spread the word that using a recording device during the show is highly distracting.

Saturday’s show had to stop twice due to technical difficulties–nothing to worry about, that’s what previews are for–and when they came back again a second time, the red lights from one of the cameras threw off Benedict’s Hamlet-grooveRead More »