Just Because: Chris Hemsworth Gets Shirtless And Shows Off His Giant Man Parts In The First ‘Vacation’ Trailer

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Chris Hemsworth is Shirtless and Showing Off Giant Penis for 'Vacation'
It's not polite to stare

By the hammer of Thor, indeed!

While we don’t know if the new Vacation will actually be any good, we do know one thing: Chris Hemsworth‘s character if very well endowed. In the first red band trailer for the movie, we got a look at just how raunchy they plan to make it, and how they plan to use Chris is his first truly comedic role.

This is the kind of stuff you won’t see in ThorRead More »

Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday Featuring Orson Welles

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Orson Welles
Classic Hollywood TBT
Check out all the handsome men from Hollywood's Golden Age! Read More »

Well, we’re technically a day late celebrating Orson Welles‘ 100th birthday, but no matter!

Because we can still make the star our Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday. Known for his talents behind the camera and in front of the camera, on radio and on stage, Orson was quite the renaissance man. I mean, the man wrote, directed, produced and starred in what is the considered the greatest film every made, Citizen Kane.

So let’s take this opportunity and appreciate some Mr. Welles.  Read More »

Kit Harington Might Be A Real Life Jon Snow, Minus The Sword And Plus Plenty Of Love For ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Hey guys! It’s Kit Harington! And he’s not saying something that’ll make you roll your eyes and think, “Oh, Kit.” It’s a Christmas miracle!

The Game of Thrones star is showing off a humble, happy, brooding and sometimes smiling side of himself in the latest issue of Mr. Porter and it’s actually quite charming.

Here’s the thing about Kit that Mr. Porter wants you to know right off the bat: looking at him, you’d think you were looking at Jon Snow hanging around Westeros.  Read More »

Prince Harry Gets Kisses, Hugs And Proposals From A Slew of Ladies In Australia

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Everybody loves Prince Harry. It’s a fact.

And if you had any doubts about said fact, then the latest photos of the Prince out of Australia should make them go away. While visiting the Sydney Opera House today, Harry was happy to stop and pose with loads of his adoring fans.

One fan–who actually had a sign asking Harry to marry her–was able to get his royal highness to give her a kiss. It’s actually hilarious, as you’ll find out in the video after the jump.  Read More »

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Star Nicholas Hoult Looks Handsome For ‘GQ’ And Is Offering Some Quality Life Advice

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Nicholas Hout in 'GQ'
Nicholas & Ewan
'Jack The Giant Slayer' London Photocall
Remember when they made a movie together? Read More »

So you guys, is it finally Nicholas Hoult‘s moment?

The British actor has been in a smattering of movies over the years, always consistently excellent–and always quite handsome. But with Mad Max: Fury Road due out in theaters on May 14 and the highly anticipated Autobahn coming out in October, Nicholas could very easily become a household name.

And one who’s highly associated with cars. Speaking in the latest issue of GQ, the actor had plenty to say about his current identity as a “petrolhead.”  Read More »

WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Applauds A Young Japanese Interviewer Who Tries His Hand At Portuguese And It’s Adorable

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Cristiano Ronaldo
This is ridiculously sweet

Listen, I am fully aware that on Socialite Life we pretty much only use Cristiano Ronaldo for one thing–his body. I mean, have you seen it?

But today we’re shifting gears a bit because the Real Madrid player showed off his incredibly sweet side this week and it’s one of the cutest thing you’re going to see all day.

While promoting those weird face exercising products in Japan, Cristiano came face to face with a young Japanese boy who attempted to interview the soccer star in his native tongue, Portuguese.  Read More »

Adam Levine Got Sugar Bombed, ‘The Mindy Project’ Got Cancelled: Celeb News In Six

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The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Adam Levine Got Sugar Bombed in the Face By a Pretty Crazy “Fan” [Celebitchy]

Fox Has Cancelled The Mindy Project and We’re All in Mourning [Pink is the New Blog]

Conan O’Brien Casts the 2016 Presidential Race Movie [Towleroad]

— I Laughed at Shaq Falling, Am I a Terrible Person? [omgblog]

Meryl Streep Starring as a Screwed Up Rockstar? Where’s Her Oscar? [Lainey Gossip]

Kylie Jenner‘s Lips Have Been Fake This Whole Time—Also, the Sky is Blue [Evil Beet Gossip]

Joe Manganiello And Sofia Vergara Have Set A Date For Their ‘Large’ Wedding

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Magic Mike XXL Full trailer
Magic Mike XXL
Plenty of bumping, grinding, and shirtless men. Watch »

There’s no official date yet, but according to Sofia Vergara, her upcoming wedding to Joe Manganiello will “large.”

The Modern Family actress — who got engaged to the 38-year-old Magic Mike XXL star in December — admits their guest list has gotten “bigger and bigger,” but she cannot wait to get married.

Sounds like a lot of people will be saving the date.  Read More »